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The 1.00f firmware mentioned can be obtained from this link.

Please note that using one of these updates may void your warranty.

Please note that every camera model, and almost every firmware revision requires its own unique port.

If this describes you, then you may be able to help. You can also obtain a firmware dump of your camera to submit for future developers, and once a port is started, you may be able to help with testing.

If your camera model is supported, but your particular firmware version isn't, a developer is still needed although they may be able to do it without access to the camera. In rare cases, you may be able to update your cameras firmware to a supported version. How can I get the original firmware version number of my camera Finally, please do not volunteer as a tester hoping that will attract a developer to work on your camera.

If you do update the firmware in your A620 be sure to delete the file (PSA620.

FIR) from your memory card before you run CHDK, otherwise CHDK won't run. First, please bear in mind that CHDK comes with no warranty for any use; you use it at your own risk.

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Note: You cannot update your firmware from a CHDK "firmware dump". BIN files are only useful for CHDK development purposes - you cannot load them back onto a camera.

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