Zombieapocalypsedating com seattle speed dating yelp

Posted by / 22-Nov-2020 00:00

Warning: This does not work with just one pet zombie as a zombie's threshold of perception is slightly higher than that.

To be too fat and unfit is obviously a massive disadvantage when faced with a hungry zombie, but to be thin is also bad in terms of long/medium term survival.

With this in mind, I'm going to provide some really useful tips in case you think you are now dating a zombie or if you want to survive an apocalypse with your date.

If you are expecting advice on which is the sharpest samurai sword to buy or the best restaurant to go to etc. I will be taking a more holistic approach to this problem and I will not go into making weapons or dating technique in any detail.

We would be very wise to start practising and honing our skills before the Event begins so that we can survive in whatever group we might land in, so spending less time looking at screens and more time talking/working with varied types of people would be great.

If you want to take this to the extreme, pick the worst person you can find and try and see if you can successfully go out on a date with them without going completely insane!!

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