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This led Omidyar to believe that, no matter what someone wanted to sell, there was someone who would be willing to buy it. Omidyar kept working on e Bay, but only as a side job.

In late 2009, e Bay sold the majority of their interest in SKYPE, retaining only a 30% interest.item being returned as i agreed, but said will not pay [postage because i printed off their site. Reply I hate giving such a low rating due to one listing, yet it is pretty pitiful that e Bay has such a lack of integrity (and no customer service escalation dept at corporate level) that a current listing I have will likely sell for 0-0 LESS THAN IT HAS TO due to an ebay tech bug that will not allow me to add a 12th photo (which I’m entitled to) PROVING that the camera I am selling still has 83% of it’s ‘expected shutter life’ remaining.DUMBAY SAY IT’S NOT MY FAULT, IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT AND FINALLY IT’S NOT THE CUSTOMER’S FAULT. THEY AUTOMATICALLY PUT MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN THE NEGATIVE FOR THIS ITEM AND I GUESS IT’S MY FAULT BECAUSE THEY PRESSED A FEW BUTTONS. I didn’t know this could be proven and was excited to get a screenshot showing this.I sold a couple of sofas 2 weeks ago (local pick up) that was picked up by the buyer 12 days ago, but still my funds are held up because Ebay customer service failed to complete the release to Pay Pal.Five different agents, over 6 days have told me “we are sorry the last agent didn’t complete the release of your funds correctly in our system, I will do it now, please wait 24 hrs” So today I spoke with Alvin in funds & security and guess what? Meanwhile Ebay is charging me a fee that they absolutely didn’t earn. Reply EBAY is not for the buyer or seller, but for themselves.

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sold something I’ve sold before (exact item) using exact EBAY/PITNEY BOSE SHIPPING PRINTING ON EBAY.