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This nice little optimization eliminated some array allocations, that you may benefit from if you have a large number of connection pools.

By asking the mutation tracker for the list of changed attributes, some work can be skipped when generating the changes hash.

5.2.0 is officially among us, a little bit ahead of Rails Conf this year.

As always there were many more changes to the Rails codebase than we can cover here. It’s Kasper bringing you the latest hot cup to steel transcendence from.Here goes a hey-o to the 16 contributors this week!You can make the list no doubt, try finding an open issue.As always, there were many more changes to the Rails codebase than we can cover here - if you’re interested, you can check out the full listing of commits from the last two weeks. I will cover the highlights from the last two weeks. 39 people contributed to Rails in the last two weeks, including 9 for the first time! If you’d like to see yourself on that board, why not check out the list of open issues, or get involved in the core discussion list.Active Storage now supports streaming downloads from Google Cloud Storage. The gem is shipped with Ruby, and automatically required when the Ruby process starts.

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🐎 If a record’s associations contains valid but unsaveable data, it will now correctly fail to save and roll back its transaction.