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Wpf dependency property not updating

This works great for a single user control – but we still need to create and wire up the controls in the first place.At first glance, it seems like we’d need to know about the View and the View Model in order to do this.

This leads to a tremendous amount of flexibility in the View – the entire look and feel of an application can be changed at any time.By taking advantage of WPF’s Commanding Infrastructure, we can define ICommand instances in the View Model that the View can directly access via Data Binding.This provides us a clean way to keep the logic out of the View – again, the View works completely via Data Binding to the View Model.In Model-View-View Model, our goal is to keep the model unaware of the specific application or technology that’s using it. As I mentioned in part 3, WPF changes how the View is normally defined.Instead of developing the user interface via code, we use XAML to create an XML-based, declarative description of the interface.

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Let’s review our goal of maintaining a full separation of presentation and logic, this time just in terms of the View.

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