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Wow armoury not updating

The ensuing pictures come from Think Defense, a UK based defense blog.

Bare in mind that all these upgrades are apart of a Mid Life improvement program, so this doesn’t even mean the Mo D will be getting a new rifle, it just means they will be updating the L85A2s they have now to A3 versions.

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Anyone know why the armory doesn't update properly?

In fact the name SA80 comes from Small Arms of the 80s.

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Combat & Survival wrote about it, and it looks like they erroneously labeled it as the SA80A3 when in fact the British Army is on the L85A2, not the SA80A2.

From their posting- Part of a feasibility study for the SA80A2 Mid Life Improvement project, which aims to prolong the in-service life of the UK Forces’ 5.56mm weapon beyond its 2025 OSD, the A3 prototype includes a number of modifications including:-.

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Notice the change in scope from the SUSAT, Trijicon, and the Elcan in the pictures above.

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