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Wordpress blog name not updating

While you should you definitely spend an extra minute on every title that you write, there are some things you can change on the entire site.

So, stay with us through this guide and learn how to modify different title attributes in Word Press.

You will see the new Title and Tag showing in the preview screen. After that change and select Header Text Color by moving your mouse pointer.

You can change the color darkness and lightness by moving the slider bar at vertical color combination bar. You can see the changes from preview screen at the right side of the screen.

Here I have tried to show you some basic but important modification of CSS style sheet of Twenty Eleven theme recently released by By modifying the css of your theme you can give your Default Twenty Eleven a new look and can make it outstanding… You may Also Like the following CSS Modification to try 1.

Word Press Twenty Ten Theme CSS Style Sheet modification. Word Press Duster Theme CSS Style Sheet Modification.

Having a website or blog without managing titles is quite impossible.

Site or blog’s description is very important to explain what your blog is about in search engines result page.4.

Click “save changes”Apart of above method, you can also use your Customizer.

Go to WPML - String Translation and translate the new Blog Title/Tagline.

Basically turn the strings translation off, delete the string, change the name, turn off again.

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General after hitting the Save button the title changed back to what it was, didn’t save my newly inserted title.

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