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Women sex chat bot

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the world of BDSM scripts: simple sims that replicate the experience of being with a dominatrix.

Like ELIZA, many of these scripts are trained to recognize and respond to keywords and phrases.Without keyword triggers, the first of my masters, "Top, sweaty, jock," was reduced to two simple phrases: "What was that b***h?" and "I don't speak gay, try again in English." Try as I might, I couldn't get my master to respond in kind to even the simplest of phrases.Refuse to follow the script, however, and you end up in a weird BDSM chatroom version of during which the phrase "Shut up! There are plenty of chatbots built explicitly for explicit conversations, but even the most innocent of online avatars is subject to the fantasies of its users.I came across Mitsuku while trying to find out who those users actually are.

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Nearly 50 years later, thousands -- maybe millions -- of chatbots populate the internet.

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