Windows sidebar news feeds not updating

Posted by / 23-Nov-2020 18:24

Windows sidebar news feeds not updating

I then went into the RSS Feeds gadget and found the new option in the drop-down menu for

I switched to it and it looks like the gadget is back in business.

It's not like the gadget to stop updating this long. But I did examine this file, and I'm pretty sure there's no data listed in it for the feeds gadget.

If anyone is familiar with this gadget and knows what I need to add into the file, please post here.

Per the above title, the news hasn't updated since June 30.

I also found the following article on I believe that since there is no more actual website, feeds from there is a dead link which is why the gadget won't update-- it's not receiving anything new from a website that doesn't exist anymore as the gadget thinks it does.

So I went to the new website, added it to my favorites in IE (instead of Firefox), and subscribed to its RSS service.

I've used the feeds gadget for years with no problems and if Windows itself is being designed to actively fight against all gadgets now, then posting on their usergroups will only result in "don't bother fixing it, just disable it." Does anyone have any further suggestions on how to fix this?

I followed Lighthouse's suggestions and there is no such folder in the directory path she told me to navigate to.

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