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Wimp dating video

He has wife and kids but he was definitely highly sexed and not getting any from his wife.Working with this young hottie, with a thing for older men, provided the perfect opportunity.We have tried swinging but quickly found out that he prefers watching, which was good to learn, as we also found out he was a rather fast cummer and was not pleasing the ladies.An older couple we met introduced us to BBC and said it saved thier marriage and encouraged us to give it a try.

We've been married for 10 years and together for 14. Back when my wife was 26 - she started working for this one company in the media.Having met me at 21 she was not greatly experienced and had had only one other partner than me.Well she ended up working with a guy 26 years older than her.SOmetimes that means when I push my cock into her, she is already wet and stretched from a couple of days of fucking with her lover, and I know after him she doesn't feel me so well for a couple of weeks.I used to have girlfriends whom I could fill their pussy's - but not my wife.

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So in the end I end up using it as excitement in the bedroom - she tells me about how she has been fucked by him (in countless hotel rooms), and my god she has done everything with him!

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