Widows in early 50s and dating remarriage related dating rudating 1756

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Widows in early 50s and dating remarriage

These findings suggest that the age-60 remarriage rule affects the timing of marriage and has the most influence on women who are very close to age 60. But she fears that getting married soon, as she and her fiancè planned, could cost her a fortune because of the rules that govern Social Security. 'At least she's smart enough to check it out ahead of time,' says Leslie Walker, a spokeswoman with the Social Security Administration in San Francisco, 'I just dealt with a couple where she was a teacher and he was a government employee (two groups that generally can't claim Social Security on their own records).

They both thought they could get their deceased spouses' benefits.

In this paper we focus on an age restriction for remarriage to determine if individuals respond to economic incentives for remarriage.

Aged remarries before age 60, she or he forfeits the benefit and, therefore, faces a marriage penalty.

Brien is with the Economics Department, University of Virginia; Stacy Dickert-Conlin is with the Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University; and David A.

"What Widows Should Know Before Remarrying," by Kathy M. Economic theory suggests that economic incentives play a role in family structure decisions (Becker 1973, 1974).

We investigate whether this rule affects the marriage behavior of widows.

In addition to providing empirical evidence for economic theory, understanding the role that Social Security plays in determining marital status is relevant for at least three reasons.

In 1995, for example, the poverty rate of widows aged 65 or older was 19.2 percent.

This is in sharp contrast to a 4.2 percent poverty rate for elderly married women ( Finally, marriage penalties in Social Security raise equity issues.

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Under current law, there is no penalty if the remarriage occurs at 60 years of age or later.

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