Whos dating who scout taylor compton

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Whos dating who scout taylor compton

Then, she climbed out into the yard, but injured her ankle in the process.She shambled back to the Doyal house, screaming for Tommy to let her in.That evening, Annie picked Laurie up from her home and dropped her off at Tommy Doyal's house.

Laurie first appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake (2007) who played by Scout Taylor-Compton, and based on the main teenage protagonist from the classic Halloween.Annie and Lynda made some comments towards the stranger, but Laurie was put off by his appearance.Little did she realize that the masked man was actually her older brother Michael who had just escaped Smith's Grove and made his way to Haddonfield.While Laurie was calling 9-1-1, Michael stepped out of the shadows and attacked her, grabbing his sister and tossing her about.Laurie picked up a chair and threw it through a pair of French doors.

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Michael, still managing to walk, pursued her until his former psychiatrist Dr.

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