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They are frothing at the mouth to destroy this vestige of White America, and the dangerous myth that “Hispanics are natural conservatives” is but one of their many tools of manipulation.

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In 1960, Hispanics accounted for 3.5% of the US population; as of 2015, they grew to 17.6%.

What this means for elections is clear: The Hispanic voting bloc is on track to be one of the most influential.

The assertion that “Hispanics are natural conservatives” — so hard working and valuing of prosperity — that raises the question, why are Hispanic nations so reliably corrupt, despondent, and left-wing?

The reality is that there is simply no evidence that supports the assertion that Hispanics value “hard work, entrepreneurship and prosperity.” Quite the opposite, if anything, it seems Hispanics value welfare, big government, and social dysfunction.

The enemies of our civilization know that armed White men are the vanguard against their ability to level further atrocities upon us.

With Whites disarmed, there will be no opposition, no chance at survival.

Instead of pandering to a hostile tribe, why not make an explicitly pro-White party platform?

It does not have to be exclusively pro-White, but at least as explicit as the GOP is with their Hispanic platform.

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A quick civics reminder: It will only take two-thirds of Congress and 38 states to eviscerate either (or both) of our most cherished rights. A year before that, the Naturalization Act was passed, limiting U. A White nation is a predicate to such expansive freedoms.

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