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And There are descriptions of how types will tolerate each other, again we can't take these word by word, but you can predict that probably ESFJ and INTP will fight a lot. now i know who i am (infp's lifetime problem i think) and i'm aware of my capabilities and weaknesess.

Personally I don't take type as something like astrological sign, but people whom I have talked to, tend to think so. Yeah I agree that theres alot of bad debate on this site that usually consists of trying to extrapolate general laws about how a type acts from personal anecdotes and unimportant details.

once the intj "feels his oats", he does not need the sift through the data anymore. or maybe there are spheres of life where everything is relative, and there are other spheres that are governed by absolutes... I knew an INFJ who dated an INTP which ended horribly.

I stood by and said nothing, that's why I'd never become a good practicing psychologist. Say a man walked in and said ever since he got married he's always gotten in heated arguements with his wife.

'Where' refers to the personal use of socionics as a tool. So basically, the power of socionics is so they can came out with a really really badass 'Sims' game. The first chapter in Psychology 101 will teach you not to overgeneralize from a small sample, that correlation does not denote causation, and to look for multiple explanations.

An answer from a psychologist and a socionist would be appreciated very much. What I always try to do is back up anything I read with real world observations, and make mental comparisons/corrections, most of the time reinterpreting what I have read in a more accurate way.

I looked at few posts where people discuss personality types of famous people.

Plus, it mixes the impersonal with the personal, which works for me.

It's a science that probes into something we can never fully understand, thus it fills one's life with enough stuff to do to fill eternity. Your Quasi-Identical INTp friend, Cone Binary or dichotomous systems, although regulated by a principle, are among the most artificial arrangements that have ever been invented.

I have to admit that I'm also a reader and a toilet bug considering the knowledge I have about psychology and socionics. From a personal point of view, the power of socionics is understanding relationships.

) However, I wish to know what is your impression about where does the true power of socionics lie? And in the future, modeling human behavior and love / drama scripts archetypes programs, whatever you want to call them. Not enough use of the scientific method, and people trying to pass off radical speculations as fact.

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And sorry drake i'm not quite a psychologist yet, maybe someday -Labyrinth I think that on these forums there's a lot of bad debate going on. However, I wish to know what is your impression about where does the true power of socionics lie?