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The 16-time world champion hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since last month when he beat Triple H at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

But right after Cena's divorce, he finally got up the nerve to ask Bella to dinner, and the two began dating soon after.

Below is a photo of the Bellas at the event on Saturday.

With such a last-minute cancellation, many are understandably blindsided by the news.

Ultimately, no one can know exactly what went wrong, except for Cena and Bella themselves, but their relationship timeline does give a few hints that marriage might be a loaded issue for these two. It may have been an entirely separate relationship, but by Cena's own admission, his first marriage to his high-school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau has had a lot of bearing on his thoughts on marriage.

(So stay tuned for that.) reported that the relationship ended because of tensions that built up over the couple's remodeling process, and that Huberdeau accused her wrestling beau of infidelity, a claim he fought, as it reportedly would have nullified their prenuptial agreement.

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Cena and Bella shocked the world of showbiz and the WWE Universe when they announced the end of their engagement after six years of dating.