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Her feelings of inferiority led to her decision to plastic surgery, as well as many negative moods, which caused greater separation between her and Hans.

“I used to think that if we were together, everything would be happy,” she shared. I lost more and more self-confidence.” Previously, Hans expressed sadness over a series of rumors that indicated he and Zheng Shuang had split up, and stated that if they did break up, he would try his best to win her back to his side.

His manager surprised him by giving him a 2 plane tickets.

He can go wherever he likes and whoever the person he likes to go with him.1.

Zai zai accompanied his friend to audition for Meteor Garden and the director saw him, thought that he is the best person to fit the job.

He was so shy then, he wants to refused it but he don't want to hurt the feelings of anyone that's why he took the lessons for his character as Hua Ze Lei.3.

This time around it will be C-actor Dylan Wang’s turn to aim for super stardom if he plays his cards right, but I’ve got my eyes on female lead Shen Yue and hope she is one of the rarer instances of the Hana Dan female lead getting super famous from this role.

Though the public is not quite certain when their relationship began, Zheng Shuang revealed that she often felt inferior when she was dating Hans, especially when she was not involved in filming work of her own.

Yang has been turning a blind eye to Cheung's philandering until she meets Paul, a romantic returnee from France whose devotion has melted her heart.

Afraid to lose his lover again, Cheung is determined to settle down and marry Yang, but fate works in mysterious ways.

, now more officially a TW-drama and C-drama mashup thanks to the producer being Angie Tsai who produced the classic 2001 version but this time getting Chinese production backing and the main cast being predominately Chinese actors.

All the previousadaptations whether J-dorama, C-drama, and TW-drama have all gone on to make the male lead who plays Domyouji super famous, namely Matsumoto Jun, Lee Min Ho, Jerry Yan, and Hans Zhang.

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When asked about this, Zheng Shuang responded, “I don’t know,” though she did note that she would not mind collaborating with him in the future.

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