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Who is trina dating from okc

Once this decision is made, we stop making the product and the remaining supply is shipped from our warehouse to the grocery stores.This is exactly what happened with the POST Oat Flakes.I was the only one in my family that ate this cereal. The ultimate bowl for me was Oat Flakes with about 1/2 cup of Grape Nuts on it - what a combo!! Bring back those best oat flakes that will ever be made!!! Wow, I don't think I am misunderstood when I say you all sound like my own mind echoing. After reading the Kraft comments, I feel like a father who gets "closure" after DNA tests verify that a body dug up was his son who was missing for the last 15 years.the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal has a hint of that great Oat Flakes taste but only a hint, and it's too sweet. I've spoken to friends and coworkers for decades about that great cereal. I looked at some oat clusters, they were 30% sugar, beside the regular carbs. So, Ralcorp, not only would I buy a premium box of FOF, I won't be buying anything else. Sure, I strongly suspected the truth, but there was always just a shred of hope ...My mom and I are sitting here wondering if we could get some so I logged on to find a few select group of FOF lovers... Part of the charm of FOFs I thought was that they were so light and crispy. The tough part comes when we have to share the news that the product you're trying to find has been discontinued, as you are aware.If products don't seem to be popular with our consumers, and demand starts to drop, a decision is made to discontinue the item.

I haven't found its equal, but if there's a Trader Joe's near you try their Toasted Oatmeal Flakes. I even tried to find a contact us spot to request them on the Post website, but no luck I'd GIVE anything for a room full! The closest I've found are at Whole Foods (and some other similar stores) and come in a large green and clear bag, but they're grainier than FOFs. I spent many disappointed moments looking over box after box in the ceral aisles to try to find them under any other name. It's great to hear from consumers who are looking for our products because it lets us know how much you enjoy them.

I've found it at health food/organic food stores such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Trader Joe's is now in Ohio so I will have to try Toasted Oatmeal Flakes that other people have recommended and do my own taste test.

Maybe if they didn't have such a stodgy name they would have caught on. I still scour stores trying to dind something without all the sugary cluster junk that oat flake cereals seem to have now.

I can't believe that so many other people miss that cereal as much as I do. it was sweet/salty/wheaty with a pleasant aftertaste.

I've spent years looking for an acceptable substitute for good old fortified oat flakes, but, sadly, nothing even comes close. If you didn't eat them quickly, they absorbed the milk and turned into a gooey clump in the bowl - that still tasted good. When I heard the big, bad food manufacturer was discontinuing production, i was down.

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I was sitting here remembering that yellow box of cereal and how much my brothers and sister and I loved that cereal. I appreciate you taking the time to e-mail us and let us know about this situation.