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They grew up preferring boys' toys and clothing, and their parents - who had to bribe them to wear dresses in family photos - thought it was just a phase.

But around age 12, Tegan began to notice feeling differently towards her female friends.

OMG I honestly saw a girl at last nights show who looked just like NO girl but I was like "nahhh coukdn't be".

I'll believe something might be going on between them if she's spotted at some show not in LA. I'm talking about the woman Tegan was seen with in New Orleans a couple years back that was holding her arm. There's other pictures of them together on google images, too.

Or obviously if someone posts any coupley pictures of them. There's other pictures of them together on google images, too.

And had her own style, which was more tomboy-ish, but suddenly she started with that "genderfluid" talk and some months later, assumed herself as a "trans boy".

I was no longer dating her, but, i felt so sad for that. Also tired of girls turning into trans boys bc they don't like femininity. I dated a girl once and fell in love with her so bad, she was perfect. Just because you identify as a ciswoman it doesn’t mean everyone does.

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They are not very public so not many people know about them. They've been together for over 6 years now and moved from NY to LA and live in a beautiful house with their 2 cats isn't this kind of shit perpetuating the stereo type of "so who is the man and who is the woman"?? The other tattoo is the horse from Hang on to the night and it's from an artwork of the same person who directed the video Saw this older video about a month ago, and I swear to God I just had a dream about Sara Quin doing the same thing in a music video to a Trump looking burglar but eventually morphed into a regular dude. She's just being honest about it now that she's not reliant on lesbians for money and support.

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