Who is rebecca st james dating

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Who is rebecca st james dating

Goes on Tour with fellow Christian superstars Barlow Girl.

Also records the official theme song for the National Day of Prayer.

Age 25: Writes a book called , which promotes waiting until marriage for sex, cementing her as a key spokesperson for abstinence.

Her book goes on to sell 100,000 copies and spawn a journal and study guide. Also participates in the pop/prock Veggie Tales album (by covering the Veggi Tales Theme Song).

Staple songs such as "Wait for Me", "Reborn", "Song of Love", "I Thank You", "Alive", and "Shine Your Glory Down", have all been derived from these releases. To some extent, selfishness always leads to death of some sort.

James is one of the most powerful and beloved figures in Christian music, and is well known for her decision to wait until marriage for sex.

She calls her grandmother and asks for advice on stage names.

Her grandmother immediately suggests “James,” confirming Rebecca’s impulse.

Age 19: Nominated for Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album.Age 13: Releases independent album in Australia under the stage name “Rebecca Jean.” Soon after, her father receives a job offer in the US and moves her family to the United States.Age 15: Signs a contract with with Fore Front Records, who wants her to adopt a stage name. John” but she doesn’t like it (because she has a relative named John). James,” since James was the name of her grandfather who recently passed away.Age 12: Writes her first song while still in the eighth grade.Her father, well equipped as a concert promoter to showcase her talent, gets her a gig as the opening act for contemporary Christian music artist Carmen.

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Age 29: Takes a musical hiatus, while her record company releases lots of successful remixes and compilations.

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