Who is kevjumba dating

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I don’t want to be restricted by one thing.” Wu will also be appearing on a national television show, so be sure to catch him on the real tube sometime in the fall.Hint: He just might be racing around the world with a companion—his one-and-only Papa Wu.Following his video “Butt hash Hero”, Wu introduced his Father, Papa Jumba onto his You Tube channel, and his father made several appearances in candid video clips taken by his son.This video where his father was introduced was growing popularly among viewers, his father made a Debut in “I Love My Dad”.He is of American Nationality but Taiwanese ethnicity.In one of Kevin’s video he told he was an only child, which was later proven wrong by his father.

Rumor has it, that he transfered to UCLA, because of the strong discontent with his overall attitude.You can find an extensive web page on Kev Jumba on Wikipedia. withdrew from UC Davis for one quarter (Fall 2010) to join his father on the 2010 season of Amazing Race, making him the second known UC Davis student to be on the show.Talk amongst fellow peers reveals that he's not as "Asian" as he may portray as on You Tube.Kev Jumba is the You Tube user name of best known You Tube Celebrity Kevin Wu. Michael Wuh is father is computer engineer and about his mother, no one really knows except Kevin’s family. Kevin Wu is best known for making comedic video and blogs on You Tube.You Tube celebrity Kevin Wu is a Taiwanese American Comedian. She probably wants that privacy, so she didn’t partake in You Tube videos Unlike His dad. As of November 2013 Kevin’s Wu main You Tube channel, Kev Jumba has over three million subscriber.

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