Who is daryl hannah dating

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Who is daryl hannah dating

After the massacre, Elle was assigned by Bill to kill Beatrix, who was revealed to be comatose since the massacre.She headed to the hospital where Beatrix was stationed and dressed up as a nurse.Elle, along with Budd, Vernita Green, and O-Ren Ishii, arrived at El Paso and killed all eight people who attended Beatrix's wedding dress rehearsal.After abusing the helpless Beatrix, Elle stood above her bloody body as Bill approached and then shot her in the head.As Elle was leaving Budd's trailer, she was kicked back inside by Beatrix, which led to an intense fight between the two.

With that, Budd died, whereupon Elle collected her money and called Bill, telling him that she had found his brother dead after being attacked by "a Black Mamba" (an allusion to Beatrix's Deadly Viper codename) and taking credit for the assumed death of Beatrix Kiddo.

Upon locating her unconscious prey, Elle stated that despite their mutual disdain for each other, she nonetheless respected her.

Seconds before injecting poison into the life-support system, Bill contacted Elle and ordered her to abort the mission, claiming that Beatrix deserved better than being killed in her sleep.

Unlike Beatrix, who was quite humble, Elle was the opposite, being a brash and insolent pupil.

Case in point: at some point in her training, Elle called Pai Mei a "miserable, old fool." Outraged, Pai Mei plucked out Elle's right eye.

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Elle remained devoted to Bill for years, doing his bidding and carrying on the DVAS tradition.