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I'm actually excited to see what Scott 'Big Cat' Pfaff can bring, because he's still a very agile, athletic, professional athlete.", says Marcus Kowal.Ironically, "Big Cat" is trained by Systems Training Center's own Ian Harris and has sparred with our MMA coach Terrion "Flash" Ware for this fight!This is what happened: At first spray, I was excited and immediately smelled the most peculiar menthol-patchouli like scent and was drawn back (this was 1 minute or so after spraying) and put it back down and walked away from it as it was like salty caramel that went bad or bug spray.7 minutes later, I smell something gorgeous coming from where I sprayed this perfume and I was confused as I did not remember applying such a beautiful vanilla warm rich scent (and mind you, I'm not into sweet vanilla perfumes at all) but this specific scent was like something new all together, as if it was the warmest person you know radiating next to you with their natural sweetness that smells like a magical island, indeed angelic, not too overpowering/cloying, but in charge and there while being delicate and by your side as it guides you to it.I just can't fathom that it would end so suddenly," he wrote on Twitter.

If this perfume was a song, It would be "sweet dreams by eurythmics". The ages i'd see wearing this is 20 and this has a huge amount of personality and presence.

MTV's Fantasy Factory 6 will see Systems Training Center's fighter and trainer Marcus Kowal fight pro skateboarder Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff in an MMA bout.

Big Cat, known from Robert Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory", is usually not used to the cage but he will take on Systems Training Center's Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Cross Fit coach Marcus Kowal in an exhibition bout for the Fantasy Factory 6 show.

Systems Training Center will provide you with more information about the airing date of of the episode in the close future!

Years later, it was revealed the two had had a falling out.

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We're sitting there watching TV and she keeps looking at me from the side and I'm just like, 'What?