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Exploring her personal life she has not married yet but that doesn't mean that she is still single. She has given birth to one baby boy from her ex-boyfriend.But his current lover doesn't seem to care about that and they are happily in relationship.

The..Bridget Moynahan is the latest single celebrity mom, and she made ripples with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady when she decided to pose for the cover of OK Magazine with their baby boy.

Moynahan gladly participated in the shoots, many of which were done professionally in assorted studios, he said. “The private photos of her taken during the course of your romantic relationship were intended solely for her and your private personal review.” The snarky document continues: “Irrespective of any rights to privately personally look at the photos yourself (which we understand does not go over well with your fiancé), our client certainly never legally consented to the public use of her image and name.” Pemberton — whose photos can sell for upwards of ,000 apiece — said he and Moynahan remained friends after they broke up.

“This was part of our life — it was a documentary of our life then,” he said. About a year ago, he reached out to his ex to tell her he thought the shots could be featured in an ­exhibit and showed her about 100 images as a sample.

She is daughter to Mary Bridget and Edward Bradley Moynahan.

She attended Longmeadow High School which is located in Massachusetts.

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In a threatening letter to Pemberton from her attorney, Moynahan — who posed in her birthday suit for Allure magazine in 2011 — says she asked that all the photos ever taken of her be destroyed and that she never signed a release consenting to use of the snaps. “She thought they were beautiful,” Pemberton said, but she asked that they not be showcased publicly and that he sign a contract “that was going to restrict any use of these images.” Pemberton balked.