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It is the largest complex of museums, art galleries, and research facilities in the world. It is, in the structural metaphor of the whole novel, like a wave whipped up somewhere far offshore, gathering amplitude and direction, crashing upon a beach, receding once again.

He has been savagely attacked for the "failure" of his later work, as well as for his unorthodox public opinions and behaviour. The star was running out of available reactions, and activity in the core slackened, Now the radiation pouring outward was no longer as strong as the gravitational force pulling inward; the star collapsed, falling inward on itself until it could give no more, and exploded, spewing radiation and most of its mass into space. Triremes were day sailors and carried only a handful of soldiers (14 in all) with a partial deck canopy to shield the top oarsmen from sun and rain and from enemy javelins. As the Greek historians Herodotus and Thucydides both relate, the Athenians and their allies, with a brilliant use of triremes, beat off the Persians at the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. For astronomers, the supernova (known as Supernova 1987A, or SN1987A for short) was -- and is -- the story of the century. If the Greeks had lost, many ideas of government, of philosophy, of culture taken for granted today would have died with them. Helium in turn had fused into carbon and oxygen, which themselves fused into even heavier elements. From Athenian accounts it is clear that a trireme was not for positioning alongside other craft for boarding and capture, in the style of Hollywood sea battles. Eventually the innermost section of the core, about half again as massive as the sun, was turned into almost pure iron. It was a fast seaborne missile, its ramming beak, reinforced with bronze, being used to hit other craft to hole and flood them.

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The mere sound of that execrable, ugly name made his blood run cold and his breath come in laboured gasps.