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Weight loss dating

Hell, I run a BLOG about weight and I don’t engage in these conversations in public unsolicited.

I think it’d be disingenuous if we didn’t admit that appearance is an element of attraction. It’s why we put on makeup, polish, fix our hair to our standards, dress well and make sure we aren’t ashy, lol.

You can be aware of the realities of dating and weight loss without letting it affect your sense of self in the end.

In closing (I almost said “in short” but this ain’t short), I believe posts like this that allow every woman a little private space to reflect on her own sense of self are important.

and among many of our peers, it’s taboo to even talk about weight in terms of weight LOSS.It’s also just a hard truth to admit that – for one horrible, unfortunate reason or another – weight is also a factor that can come into play.Because women know this – regardless of whether or not they’d admit it – it becomes a big part of our relationship with our bodies, even though it’s a lil’ unhealthy. you’re the reason why I can’t get the man I want.” I’ve written about this on the blog before – that, after losing over 150lbs, a lot of the men who weren’t giving me that kind of time before were all up in my face – and even though a lot of women don’t like what that implies, it is still a fact.Or do you just remain invisible and cope with that until you’re an “acceptable” weight for being approached? I’ve already admitted that after a break-up in the early part of my journey, I became abstinent and didn’t date.I was not only vulnerable, but working through insecurities that would’ve only made dating an embarrassing experience for myself.

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While I’m glad that I lost weight either way, I wish that I hadn’t waited until I felt romantically frustrated to realize that I needed to take control of my body.

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