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Good things come in groups of three, our English composition teacher told us 40-odd years back, when we were college freshmen.

I doubt whether the Dutch-born director Michael Dudok de Wit had the same teacher, but maybe he received the same advice. The gentle - and puzzlingly R-rated - dramedy Paterson, complete with a twins motif (identical twins of both genders and various ages appear in cameos throughout), bears that bromide out.

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He mightve been referring to any of several movies at the multiplex, or to something else entirely.

But if he was talking about the dark comedy that was previewed - T2: Trainspotting - I have to agree with him. It both summarizes the attitude of its central character, a Danish soldier who tells German prisoners of war This is my country (and) youre not welcome here, and suggests a plot centering on landmines in the Danish countryside.

With the 89th annual Academy Awards gala on the horizon, its time again for whats become our yearly Oscar quiz.

Questions address happenings 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, 20 and 10 years ago.

For Midwesterners, summer means more sun, more leisure time - and more movie debuts. Gifted refers to 10-year-old Mckenna Graces character, Mary, in the new dramedy directed by Marc Webb from a Tom Flynn script.

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Following are 20 films scheduled for release between Memorial Day weekend (in one case, the Thursday preceding that weekend) and mid-August. That word could be applied to the diminutive actress as well, for Grace definitely steals the show with perhaps the best performance by a preteen Ive seen as a movie reviewer.

That was really fresh, I heard a guy say in a theater lobby the other night.

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LOS ANGELES Thandie Newton jokes that there might be something off about Alden Ehrenreich because how else could he take on the pressure-filled role of Han Solo with so much ease? Downsizing offers an ingenious concept: humans being reduced to finger size as a means of both confronting overpopulation and - since the new small fry get to keep their old money - easily attaining a lavish lifestyle.