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unplaced This tree was initially prepared in 2007 based on the work of Peter Bamford and Sheila Perino, drawing on a number of sources.

Work continued rapidly up to 2011 as the Registry of Deeds was explored, and has continued more slowly since then.

Letitia Dorothea North, Collen, Louth, prerogative inventory, 1853 (CPR 1922 WW50). In Merrion Square he was a neighbour to Daniel O'Connell (King Dan by Patrick M Geoghegan p.230: EN email ).

The Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607 1867 (Irish Manuscripts Commission 1982: EN email ) record North, John Henry, only son of Richard [North], [of] Newcastle [Guilford], decd, & Lucinda Goulsbury, educated Chester, TCD M [Michelmas] 1805. There is a monument to John Henry North in the Harrow Parish Church (photo by Trevor King in SP email ).

Her executor was Charles Bagot (National Archives: EN email ) She seems to have outlived her husband by 53 years, and when she made her will her daughter was already a widow.

Deed 1770of records a mortgage of lands of Newcastle, 251 ac profitable land plantation measure, Westmeath, from Ulysses North ('eldest son and heir at law of Roger North formerly of Newcastle')to Chas Hornby of Dublin for 500 sterling(EN email (as Book 270, ref. Deed 1767 of records a mortgage for 622/13/8of lands at Newcastle (251 ac, that part held by lease under the Earl of Belvedere), Gurteen, Co Tipperary (304 ac, leased from the representatives of the late Thomas Matthew; now Gurteen Agricultural College, about 2 miles from Clonfree: EN email ), at Gormagh, Kings Co (207 ac, held by lease from George Stepney), and at Lynn (leased to Alexander Swift), from Ulysses, just before his death, to Phillipe North, his brother, witnessed by William North of Clonfad [Phillipe North's son] and Charles North of Tyrrellspass [not placed] and Phillip North of Dublin [presumably Phillipe's second son] (EN email , CN email ).

Signed Joseph North, (EN email ) 3a Roger North of Newcastle, named as eldest son in his father's will, d c1765 (16.4.2), d c1766 (Vicars prerogative wills), m Mary Ulick Browne daughter of Ulick Browne of Slane, Co Meath (SP3) (gravestone engraving, Dundoden, Westmeath (SP1)) and had issue.

Betham's extract of his will states, '217 North Roger of Newcastle Co Wtmeath Gent - Dated 23 June 1765 - pd - wife Mary - Son Ulysses - daur Susanna - Sons Charles - & Richard - Sons Roger - and Philip - daurs Mary Cane - and Margaret Bonynge - Brothers William - and Joseph North -'.

Richard 'was a military officer who died while his son was an infant.It is not clear why she was 'of Tyrrellspass' at that time 5a Elizabeth North (16.4.2) m(1) Aug 1790 (ML) Rev Charles Emilius Bagot of Kilcoursey (her cousin: 16.4.2) and had issue (Burke); m(2) Rev John Ball of Gucey, County Wicklow ( 6a Charles Bagot of Kilcoursey (Burke & will of his grandmother, Eliza Bagot).Thoms 1846 directory records Charles Bagot of 12 Charlemont Place, Dublin, & Kilcoursey House, Kings Co.Deed 220 56 143990 of outlined arrangements for the substitution of new 'lives' in the same mortgage, and was witnessed by William North of Clonfad, attorney in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland (Roger's brother) (CN email ) 4a Ulysses North of Newcastle or Ulysses Browne North (deed 370 of 1775 (EN email ; CN email )), d 1780, High Sheriff of Westmeath (Co N), m Eliza Bagot (16.4.2) (SP email ) and had issue.Eliza's will of (as Elizabeth North, widow) left part of the lands of Kilcoursey called Cottage, parish Kilbride, Barony of Kilcoursey, Kings Co, to her grandson Charles Bagot; and 20 each to grandson William Bagot of Kilcoursey and granddaughter Eliza Ann Ball (Eliza Ann Bagot) widowof Mt Pleasant Ave Dublin.

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('Ernor' seems to have been a printer's error in Bainbridge: subsequent children are all named Emor.) The order of Joseph's children here is that in his will.

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