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You can still manually change the thumbnail size for a particular folder, but when you browse back to the same folder later, the thumbnails will display with the custom size you set in the registry.

If you’re still not happy with the 256 max size for thumbnails in Windows and you don’t want to install any third-party software, you have one other option.

Previously, I had written about a cool little utility that you can get for free from Microsoft called Tweak UI that lets you modify and tweak a bunch of Windows XP settings.

Using this program, we can quickly and easily change the default 96 pixels size of thumbnails to something more visible.

You can disable the Thumbnail Cache in Vista, but still have the ability to view Thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

This effectively gives you the same capability as in XP.

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 have a Preview Pane option that basically lets you view a preview that is as large as you can make the preview pane itself. You can expand the explorer window to as large as your monitor and the preview will expand as well.

I guess Microsoft didn’t think about that issue when the released Windows XP.

Make sure you're logged on as an Administrator and you can get started.

Although you can safely delete any file, Windows will automatically recreate it unless the option to create files is disabled.

In Windows 8, the Explorer interface has change a little bit and Microsoft removed the whole slider option.

Instead, you have to click on the View tab and there you will see the same options in the Layout box. If you want a custom size for your icons, you can open the registry editor by going to Start and then typing in regedit.

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Then navigate to the following registry key in the left pane: Now on the right pane, you should look for a key called Thumbnail Size.