Virgo woman dating a pisces man songs about dating a married man

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Virgo woman dating a pisces man

I love being held and kissed for hours and love doing so in return. I don't like games because I respect other people feelings.

If I feel I have to play with you I would rather walk away from your life.

Pisces man will surely accept her thoughts as long as he observes no flaws in it but when he finds a mistake, he leaves no point in criticizing his smart partner for it.

We love open, honest communication - it shows you trust us and are willing to at least put your cards on the table. If you hide your defects and have a great time with your Virgo man, as soon as your lies comes up, he will drop you at the snap of the finger. Us virgos can see right thru fake people and we don't want them around us.Pisces man is adjustable and gives room to thoughts of his partner.He is emotional and her practical nature may hurt him making him more egoistic.Instead you will like to sit at home watching TV or reading a book.Others may think you as a less passionate or sometimes unromantic, but this is not the case.

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