Vb net code for updating access database Passwords for webcams

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Vb net code for updating access database

Stored Procedures in Microsoft Access syntax used to work with Access Query objects is the same syntax used to work with stored procedures in the high-end databases.

Compared to high-end database stored procedures, Access queries are quite limited.

The "Clear Command Parameters" Sub is called prior to each use of the Command object.

This routine clears the Parameters collection of the Command object.

In this application, however, we will use both ad Cmd Text and ad Cmd Stored Proc, so we will set the Command Type property before each use of the Command object throughout the application.

In the "Load Customer List View" Sub, the contents of the Customer table is loaded into the listview.

The "Connect To DB" Sub is nearly identical to that of the preceding sample application.

The Connection object variable is instantiated, its Connection String property is set up to specify a DSN-less connection, and the connection is then opened.

(Note: You will need to have access to SQL Server and Oracle in order to run the respective examples using those database systems, but only Microsoft Access for the other one) All three versions of the sample application presented here perform identically to the "Customer Table Maintenance" application presented in the preceding topic.

It can then be executed by calling it directly from a client program (such as a VB6 program).

Compared to the use of "in-line" SQL statements that have been used in the other sample applications, the use of stored procedures offer a couple of advantages: In this tutorial we will look at some very simple stored procedures using examples in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

The Command object variable is then instatiated, and its Active Connection property is set to reference the connection that was just opened.

The only difference between this Sub and that of the preceding sample application is that the Command object's Command Type is not set here – this is because in the preceding sample application, the Command Type was always a textual string, so we could set Command Type to ad Cmd Text just once and "forget about it".

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