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Devise a strategy and write a program interview for N/2 minutes and record the rating of the best candidate seen so far.In the next N/2 minutes, pick the first candidate that has a higher rating than the recorded one.Add a second command-line argument to control the speed.that draws filled circles of random size at random positions in the unit square, producing images like those below.The device is capable of responding to the commands that our programs issue in the form of calls to static methods in Std Draw.The primary interface consists of two kinds of methods: Write a program Word that reads in text from standard input and prints out the number of words in the text.Similarly, we often want to save the information printed on the standard output stream for later use.

Assume that the inputs are sinusoidal, so tha the following parametric equations describe the curve: that reads in a sequence of integers and prints back out the integers, except that it removes repeated values if they appear consecutively.Here's a 4 x 4 input file which has the parity property: Write a program Parity that takes an integer N as a command line input and reads in an N-by-N Boolean matrix from standard input, and outputs if (i) the matrix has the parity property, or (ii) indicates which single corrupted bit (i, j) can be flipped to restore the parity property, or (iii) indicates that the matrix was corrupted (more than two bits would need to be changed to restore the parity property). You may not change your mind once you finish interviewing the candidate.Suppose that you can immediately rate each candidate with a single real number between 0 and 1, but of course, you don't know the rating of the candidates not yet seen.Each value is a string or a value from one of Java's primitive types.One of the key features of the standard input stream is that your program For many applications, typing input data as a standard input stream from the terminal window is untenable because doing so limits our program's processing power by the amount of data that we can type.

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For the purpose of this exercise, a word is a sequence of non-whitespace characters that is surrounded by whitespace.

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