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Validating regular expression

The ability to embed variables directly into template literals means that developers have a safer tool than string concatenation for composing long strings with variables.

Built-in support for multiline strings also makes template literals a useful upgrade over normal Java Script strings, which have never had this ability.

More functionality was added to regular expressions, too.

Template literals are an important addition to ECMAScript 6 that allows you to create domain-specific languages (DSLs) to make creating strings easier.

The first argument in a tag function is an array with an extra property called to output the string result.

That means any character escapes, including Unicode code point escapes, should be returned in their raw form.

The data provided includes literals, their raw equivalents, and any substitution values.

These pieces of information can then be used to determine the correct output for the tag.

Template tags are the most important part of this feature for creating DSLs.But the real power of template literals comes from tagged templates.A is simply a function that is called with the processed template literal data.control in Visual Basic 6.0 and should be familiar to users migrating from that platform.The Mask property of the Masked Text Box control specifies what input mask to use.

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Each subsequent argument is the interpreted value of each substitution.