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XSL transformations may be run with a user-provided style sheet.XSLT is supported for XML files for which there is sufficient memory to load the entire file in memory.XPath is supported for XML files for which there is sufficient memory to load the entire file in memory.Refer to the online help for more details on searching."XMLMax was the only editor I could find which could quickly open, edit and repair a huge XML feed in excess of 1 GB." Corey Flett, Senior Systems Integrator, Investors Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada All testimonials...Plus there is the ability to reload any size file instantly, without having to reparse it, even after editing and saving it, a huge time-saver. AGM, makers of Inter Link, wrote to tell us they used XMLMax with a 270 GB(29 GB compressed) Open Street Map XML file (

The viewer provides XML schema validation and a basic text search, both of which are as fast as any XML tool, but the quick loading can save a lot of time.

Numerous validation options are provided, including the ability to prevent accessing remote schemas.

When the treeview is selected for opening a file, one option allows for validating an XML file while it is parsed and prepared for display in the treeview.

Therefore, the XML cannot be edited in a full XML environment until the error is fixed.

Such errors mean the file is technically not XML and the only way to fix them is with a text editor. XML parsers report the line number and line position of such errors, but counting lines is slow, especially if the line is deep into a large file.

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XMLMax was built expressly for editing large XML files.

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