Validating edit control ways dating artifacts

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Validating edit control

These include I have used all of these techniques in some form or other in building very informative, user-oriented validation methods.The first thing I include is a validating edit control.Note also how parts of the background which are outside the character cells is invalid.

We decided we needed one way to handle invalid data typed in the edit control by the operator.This particular control solves a problem many users ask for: an edit control that validates floating-point input.However, you can replace the FSM with one that validates dates, times, Social Security Numbers, or any other textual form you can parse.In order to do this, I send a notification to the parent window indicating that a change in the validation status has occurred. /**************************************************************************** * UWM_VALID_CHANGE * Inputs: * WPARAM: (WPARAM)MAKELONG(Get Dlg Ctrl ID(), BOOL) Flag indicating new valid state * LPARAM: Window handle * Result: LRESULT * Logically void, 0, always * Effect: * Notifies the parent that the validity of the input value has changed ****************************************************************************/ Note the initial Invalidate Rect.I have to force a redraw of the entire control when the valid state changes, else the display ends up slightly skewed, with only the background behind the letters being redrawn.

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