Use intimidating

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Use intimidating

Remembering this can help you detach, take a step back, and allow him the space to have his fit on his own. You're going to feel frustration, fear, anxiety, but don't act from it or you'll get sucked in.Ask yourself the important questions, "Was this outburst appropriate?What happened before the outburst that brought it on? " If you're too enmeshed in the situation to answer objectively, ask other people what they think.It's painful to talk about the intimidation tactics of narcissists because they worked well on me.His greatest fear is the truth, and if he's going into a rage, it's probably because you're getting close to it or you've already exposed him.He will intimidate if his sense of control, grandiosity, and dominance is threatened.

If you beat your target's check result, you may treat the target as friendly, but only for the purpose of actions taken while it remains intimidated.

Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.

Cow implies bringing out an abject state of timorousness and often demoralization: a dog that was cowed by abuse.

Monsters can't use the intimidate skill against adventurers.

may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).

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Make an Intimidate check to influence others through hostile actions, overt threats, and deadly persuasion.

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