Updating your database development skills to

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Updating your database development skills to

In addition to software cost estimation, SLIM-Estimate’s high level of configurability accommodates the many different design processes used by developers today—including agile development, business intelligence, package implementation, hardware, call center development, infrastructure, model-based development, engineering and architecture design, service-oriented architecture, SAP, Oracle, and more.This company is one of the world's largest business and technology services provider with over 100,000 employees and an annual revenue of over B.It is important to know that not all programmer know how to write code properly . Some inexperienced programmers will write sloppy and disorganized code without any consideration for future growth.

Web Application Frameworks are a organizational coding system which allows programmers and designers to easily work on the same project.A QSM customer for the last 12 years, this company has designated SLIM® as one of its preferred estimation validation tools.This demo gives you an overview of QSM's SLIM-Estimate tool, as well as an introduction to the SLIM Suite of Tools and the QSM Database.This structured system utilizes reusable libraries, components and tools to promote better code maintainability and future growth.For example, here at Comentum, we use a structured web application framework and set forth coding standards that every programmer on our team follows.

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