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Updating xps project device settings failed

I've successfully upgraded a 6-7 year old Dell XPS 410 multiple times since last October. I am in the process of copying the image from the SSD to a regular HD (the one that was in the System when it was delivered). The install still fails - with the error message C1900101-20017 The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation". Next, I am going to try a Refresh to see if I can get back to a basic, "clean" W8.1 and see if that will update.There is no way Dell has provided Windows 10 drivers for it. I will then swap in the HD and see it I can get it to boot. I have my applications backed up via the Ease US Todo PC Trans Pro, so (if that works) I can still reinstall my applications easily. David I think that vendors update drivers for their most recent products first and work backward from there, and Windows will be doing much the same thing in what hardware it supports.I then used IMAGING programs to clone the C: to the SSD. Then I had to do some BIOS changes and some 'tweaking' on the SSD. Expect I was able to upgrade the original hard drive C: that I could boot.However I did get them going but I don't remember all the details, it was trial and error. Called MS and they tried for 2 hours to make it work.(2) If you have a Samsung SSD as boot drive, have you been able to upgrade to Windows 10?I'm trying to narrow down the source(s) of my problems.I have seen several posts where the Windows 10 upgrade is failing for users with Samsung SSDs (various models).

That PC does NOT use the standard 1703 Wireless halfcard but a USB AC wireless adapter.The system is a Dell XPS 8500 - purchased in the spring of 2013.The Dell official position is that this system has not be tested and certified for Windows 10 and they recommend you don't try (!Major difference between the XPS8700 and the other 2 was HOW the SSD was enabled and cloned.This as it turned out was the CAUSE of my upgrade problem on the XPS8700.

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What is/was the difference between the 3 XPS's here?

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