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Updating win98

If there should exist display problems or compatibility issues, one can try to update Si S6326 BIOS by the file (File is on Si S6326 Win98 driver page) In this way, the VESA 2.0 supporting can be updated at the same time and the VESA program compatibility can be enhanced.If the message still appears, please get access to Microsoft web site ( to download it.A: Please update your Si S6326 BIOS in order to ensure a normal operation with a new version driver. You may download it and apply a programmer to do it. Their model names are Si S6326, Si S6326AGP and Si S6326DVD.Choose the display mode to VGA TV or TV Only then you can get the TV-OUT.3).If using Windwos 2000, there isn't a tap under Display Properties, Please set your display mode on 640*480 60Hz for NTSC, or 640*480/800*600 50Hz for PAL to get TV-OUT. The resolution will be adjusted automatically high than 640x480.

Connect with TV by either a S connector or an AV connector. Boot the Win95/98/ME system up then you will find the tap Si S TV-OUT under Display Properties.

If a Windows user would like to know which type of them is used in a system, he/she can check it out under "Chip Type" of "Display Properties".

There is a hardware version shown over there and the below table gives the relationship.

It also uses the standard Windows API to perform the updates, the patches to be installed are copied to the Windows\Software Distribution folder.

This has an advantage of showing all actions in the Windows Update History log as if you had used Windows Update itself.

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