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Updating truecrypt

Warning : This document was made with the Japanese-English translation software. It can achieve Reading/Writing performance that is close to device limit.

(*1) If Parallel Read/Write are issued in the same physical HDD, it will be slow because many HDD head seeks will occur.Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified. It runs fast and does not hog resources, because MFC is not used.(Designed using Win32 API and C Runtime only) You can modify this software, because all source code has been opened to the public under the GPL ver3 license.If include is \subdir[1-9]\file.*, C:\dir\subdir9\will be matched and C:\dir\dir2\subdir9\will not be matched. But '\' in character class([]), it means escape character.Hard Link can be reproduced as much as possible, if specified /linkdest option in ver1.95 or later.

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(In running, "Total Files:" format changes "number_of_files (number_of_dirs)" to "number_of_files / number_of_created_hardlinks (number_of_dirs)"). It needs 2-4MB per 10 thousand hardlink entity files. It can decrease speed, because it opens not only copying files but also skip files.