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The software updates that have been synchronized are displayed when clicking a configured search folder, the All Updates console tree node, or a vendor product console tree node.The software updates are displayed with the most recent updates listed first.Before information is available in any of the Update Repository console tree nodes, the following steps must be taken: For details about configuring software updates, see Administrator Checklist: Configuring Software Updates.

You may also look into apt-pinning or pbuilder as suggested by shiki on this forum; On Debian there are (at least) two convenient ways of installing stuff.1) If you want just a newer package, and you do NOT want to apply your own patch, your own configure options, etc. It can grab packages and dependencies (only those), from testing/sid/experimental.

For example, if a software update bundle that contains driver updates is highlighted, the driver updates are listed in the Custom Bundle Information tab.

Weblate provides you with a great infrastructure for translation to closely follow your development.

As the console tree node is expanded, the Search Folders, update classifications, vendors, and product subnodes are displayed.

You can navigate to the Update Repository console tree node and subnodes as follows: System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Updates / Update Repository.

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I believe I running into the same problem or similar, and can't seem to find a fix.

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