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The fast commuter rail corridors on Central Railway as well as Western Railway are shared with long distance and freight trains, while inner suburban services operate on exclusive parallel tracks.WR operates the Western Line and CR operates the Central Line, Harbour Line, Trans-Harbour Line as well as the Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel line.User-provided service instances can be used to deliver service credentials to an application, and/or to trigger streaming of application logs to a syslog compatible consumer.These two functions can be used alone or at the same time.Once the user-provided service instance is created, to deliver the credentials to one or more applications see Application Binding.

Two corridors (one local and other through) follow the Central Railway run from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) to Kalyan (54 km), from where it bifurcates into two lines – one to Kasara (67 km) in the north-east and the other to Khopoli (61 km) in the south-east.Rolling stock consists of a fleet of AC as well as dual-powered DC-AC EMUs.The major car sheds on this line are at Kurla and Kalwa.For more information, see Manage Application Requests with Route Services.You can use cf update-user-provided-service to update the attributes of an instance of a user-provided service.

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The 14-coach train took 1.25 h to complete the 34 km journey, with a halt at Sion to refill the train's water tanks.

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