Updating norton disks

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You could try using the Removal Tool and then downloading a fresh install of your program. I reinstalled my program near the end of August and I have now 446 MB. Check out the program settings and then do one more restart. After that I installed Norton, update it and confogured.

Maybe there is an installators of the latest build somewhere?

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Hi, I just installed win 10 last day, and it was going fine, no conflicts on the drivers whatsoever. It was taking more than 5-6 mins for my pc to become responsive on desktop. Dual Boot install promised to roommate for New Year on an e Machine t5234 w/ 2gb RAM and Athlon Dual Core 400 CPU, finding heavy and CPU usage at 100% constantly.

Hello Vitalik93 This forum topic: "SDSDefs problem with Norton Security" may be the same or similar Norton housekeeping problem. Now I understand why bjm_ have nothing about Norton size in Control Panel also... I didn't modify my system last two days (didn't install any updates or something like that).

The various ways to clean up the mess are in the discussion: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/sdsdefs-problem-norton-security from un-install-re-install or manually remove orphaned data that the product formerly used but had been updated. Can you say please, is it possible now to install 22.8 without upgrading from 22.7? Team Viewer, Win Rar and Experiense was with size info before reinstallation. Also I've asked other users about this issue and they have size info for Experiene for example. Today I did reinstall with Unistall Tool again and all sizes in Control Panel appeared (including for Norton).

Can you say please, is it possible now to install 22.8 without upgrading from 22.7?

Then I saw in Control Panel that sizes appeared and Norton still take 37.6 Gb...

I still get a 100% HDD spike every 5-10 minutes; nothing on the task manager is being shown as using more than 0.1 MB/s of HDD access. I've updated my firmware on my SSD (Crucial Real SSD C300 256GB) and I'll see if it happens again tonight when I get home from work.You can choose what to do with the items that are identified as potential risks. I just upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1 and realized that this disk issue hasn't been fixed.The old data wasn't cleaned up and needs special steps to get rid of it. Please remember to run Live Update until you have no more updates available and restart as necessary. Maybe there is an installators of the latest build somewhere? But it still take ~30 Gb on my disk, even unistall tool don't help me.Hello When you reinstalled Norton, did you use Norton Removal Tool first? When all finished with updating, restart one more time. I deleted Norton using Control Panel first, then I restart my pc, then I ran Unistall Tool under Admin and restart again.

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If I do a quick defrag (takes about 5 minutes), the disk issue goes away; however, I have to do it every time I turn my computer on, or else the issue comes back. I don't like constantly defragging my computer, since I usually turn it on and off multiple times a day. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I hope I'm in the right place.