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Updating my directx

If that doesn't work, please try this: Windows (Advanced) Quick Links: Mac OS X | Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows (Advanced) Sadly, outdated and buggy Open GL drivers on Windows PCs are an altogether common industry-wide problem.There is no easy way to generically update these machines, but we hand out as much information and knowledge as we can to solve the issue.Is there some way for getting Windows 10 and Sweet Home 3D to work on a HP G62 laptop equipped with an Intel GMA 4500 graphic chip set?Would appreciate any suggestions to get it working.Here is an example of another software vendor (no relation or endorsement implied) that have exactly the same issues: copyright ©1995-2018 xochi media inc Xochi™, Xochi Media™, i Screensaver™, i Screensavers™, i Screensaver Designer™, i Screensaver Classic™, i Screensaver Personal™, and the Double Ring logo are trademarks of Xochi Media Inc.Space imagery courtesy and ESA/Hubble; no NASA or ESA endorsement, nor sponsorship of i Screensaver implied.Yet Window 10 works with the 3G Pass Mark test which appears to use Direct x 10 3D graphics without issues.Also except for Sweet Home 3D 5.0, Windows 10 works well so far.

"sweet home 3d will exit now because of fatal error in the 3d rendering system of your computer.What is the solution for the millions who are upgrading to Windows 10??Everything works well for me here and for thousands of other Sweet Home 3D users.Second, there is no automatic way to update the drivers.Before starting, make sure your computer meets i Screensaver's minimum requirements: System Requirements.

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Yet on Windows 7 dxdiag indicates newer Direct x 11 is running normally.

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