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I just had my navi updated with the latest 2012 version, so I'm told... Is there a way to verify and confirm that they actually installed the 2012 version, as mine had to be downloaded? (I guess my rating may also depend on what feedback I receive...)Is there a version number and/or year on your disk?

All that I can confirm is that the new town center nearest my house (3yrs new) is unknown to my upgraded navi..what did I actually get charged a couple hundred dollars for? If so, I'd suggest you contact your dealer's parts department (or perhaps another dealer elsewhere if you don't trust them) and ask what the newest current version is to compare.

As portable GPS systems free-fall below 0, automakers stubbornly keep prices of onboard navigation at 00 to 00.

There are a host of reasons why and they help explain but hardly excuse the bloated pricing of embedded navigation.

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A portable navigation device can be cheaper because it’s a standalone unit.

The [onboard] nav system needs to be integrated with the steering wheel controls…

This will take a couple of hours but you will need to come back in the mean time to introduce the next disc. These can be provided by the dealership or you can copy the contest of your DVDs on USB devices using a PC or Mac.

Choose your vehicle manufacturer from any of the top or side menus, then select your model and year to get the right update for your vehicle.

We hope this site makes it easy to quickly research Navigation update products with customer reviews, and available coupons to help you decide whether to order the very latest HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) map DVD disc or download update for your factory installed In-Dash Navigation.

After the third DVD is copied, the system will reboot. This way is faster as the USB read speed is faster than on a DVD and it cancels out the disk read errors.

To do so you can either use one USB flash with over 16 GB of storage (so that all 3 DVDs fit on it) or 3 drives of at least 8 GB that you can interchange afterwards. USB Instructions: This is a DIY guide and, as such, you must be aware the procedures described here involve some risks.

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This FSC code is obtainable from your dealer, based on your car's VIN number.