Updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71 jayde nicole who is she dating

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Updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71

Recently acquired a Nokia e71, unlocked from vodafone, it works grand with my meteor simcard so all is well there but I would love to remove the Vodafone branding/images etc. I am currently flashing it with updated FW but I don't imagine this will remove the branding."Debranding" is as simple as changing a number deep in the code to another number.

The E71's extra buttons are dedicated one-touch keys for Home, calendar, contacts, and email.

You can set the phone to answer automatically when using a headset or a car kit.

Messaging is what the E71 is all about, of course, and it is well equipped for both push email and text messaging.

For the past couple of years, Black Berry have been carving out a niche as the brand of choice for corporate users, with their winning combination of full or near-full QWERTY keypads and push email systems.

Nokia have been steadily improving the user-friendliness and power of their E series phones too, and now it seems that both Black Berry and Nokia have made a further leap forward and both landed up with highly polished mobile communications devices.

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Whether you choose the Black Berry or the Nokia, you shouldn't go far wrong when it comes to communicating on the move.

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