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The device will show a screen saying "Chrome OS is missing or damaged".If you press Tab on this screen, you'll see some additional information including a line labelled "recovery_reason".See below for advice on whether and when to update TPM firmware.You can check the TPM firmware running on your device by looking at the firmware_version line of the tpm_version entry in chrome://system.

The following Chrome OS versions include the TPM firmware update for affected devices (note that chromium OS builds do not contain firmware files): The one exception is link / Google Chromebook Pixel, for which the TPM firmware update functionality is not enabled yet.You'll need Chrome OS recovery media in order to invoke the recovery flow.You will want to make sure that you either prepare it before starting the TPM firmware update just in case or have another computer available to create recovery media in case you need it.Note that for enterprise-managed devices, the powerwash UI is not regularly available.We have added a TPM firmware update device policy though which admins can set to make the TPM firmware update via powerwash available to their users.

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Launch dates for these non-destructive update flows are not confirmed at this point though.

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