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Updating erb

I just checked my ERB and my rank is still the same when it should have been updated. I don't blame my company they already said they submitted but it's up to S1 or higher to fix the issues.

This is stressing me out cause I want to make sure my records stay updated and not biting me down the road when there's discrepancy between actual rank and LES pay grade.

This EXORD will include specific guidance on how to update and cleanse personnel data in current systems that will feed into IPPS-A.

So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??HR Professionals will continue to make updates in current personnel systems during IPPS-A’s first release in order to update the associated SRB.HR Professionals will receive an Execution Order (EXORD) which will explain how to prepare for IPPS-A’s Release One and to familiarize with the Soldier Record Brief (SRB).Basically it goes like - few times of "alright we have your 4187 we will submit" but no updates for months, then I went to CO right away cause fuck everything and coincidentally CO/1SG/PSG were all in the office so naturally everyone found out, so they submitted again, then S1 said no the 4187 is from basic, you need a new 4187 with current CO signature (not an issue, CO said he would write a new one and signed it), then resubmitted to S1, told me to just keep checking. Check in with S1 every 90 days or so.(And curse out your recruiter for not documenting your bachelor's degree before you shipped is going to be my best guess on why you're in this situation)Is the 4187 and/or promotion order in your i Perms/HRC record? Ask about the status through your chain via email every month or so. I'm sure there are a couple SSGs, SFCs and MSGs in the unit that sat down at someone's desk an ensured their ERB matched their OMPF before their promotion board met.Here I am stuck and thinking to just call someone higher up and see what I can do but getting pissed off and tired at this point, been more than 6 months.

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The SRB consists of eleven sections that cover the following personnel data: Section I: Overseas Assignment Information Section II: Career Field Data Section III: Security Data Section IV: Service Data Section V: Personal/Family Data Section VI: Foreign Language Section VII: Military Education Section VIII: Civilian Education Section IX: Awards and Decorations Section IXa: State Awards Section X: Assignment Information Section XI: Remarks Although similar to the ORB and ERB, the Soldier Record Brief’s (SRB) key benefit is its applicability to all Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted, regardless of their Component.

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