Updating dapper

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Updating dapper

They take a different approach to create so-called micro-ORM. There have two ways to reference Dapper in your project. In this post, I will demonstrate some common usage.

In the following blogs, I will show how to use Dapper Contrib and Dapper Rain bow.

Erik Jensen, a SQL Server Compact (SQLCE) MVP, contributed SQLCe Functions, which are similar to the Sql Functions for using SQL Server functions in LINQ to Entities queries.

The greatly improved speed of EF view generation—most dramatic for large, complex models—was driven by Alireza Haghshenas and a Code Plex member named VSavenkov.

First let’s create the POCO objects for Product and Supplier: In this post, we show some common data access scenarios by applying the “Core” implementation of Dapper. In the next post, we will show how to use Dapper Contri You can get the source code from here.

With the latest major release of Entity Framework, EF6, the Microsoft object-relational mapping (ORM) tool has reached new heights of “ninja-ness.” It’s no longer the country cousin to long-established . EF is all grown up, and it’s winning over former die-hards.

If you’ve invested in learning EF, that investment continues to pay off.

EF6 doesn’t come without some breaking changes—but these are limited to some namespace alterations that are easy enough to deal with if you’re prepared.

EF6 has been developed publicly on entityframework.Hopefully you’ve already learned these tricks from my own writing or other resources, such as the MSDN doc on performance considerations at bit.ly/3D6Ai C.A startup step that often hampers performance is the view gener­ation of mapping views, where EF creates the relevant SQL to query against each of the entity sets in the model.Before we start access the database, let’s build our domain objects.Using Northwind as the backend database, I mainly use Product and Supplier table to demonstrate. NET has provided some other different API to make the data operation more intuitively.

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