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Updating bylaws

Nonprofits apply to their states to become incorporated.

Furthermore, if your nonprofit decides to seek 501c3 tax exemption from the IRS, it's much easier if you are incorporated.If you prefer a different process, these steps can be changed in your corporation's articles, in its by-laws or in a unanimous member agreement.The following are the steps for approving by-law changes that address certain matters relating to membership in the corporation which require special approval (refer to the paragraph under the steps) by members: The subject matter of special by-law amendments relates to (a) conditions required for being a member, (b) the designation of any class or group of members or adding, changing or removing any rights and conditions of any such class or group, (c) dividing any class or group of members into two or more classes or groups and fixing the rights and conditions of each class or group, (d) transfer of memberships, (e) manner of giving notice to members entitled to vote at a meeting of members, (f) method of voting by members not in attendance at a meeting of members (that is, proxy voting), and (g) related definitions and interpretive provisions.An organization that is exempt from federal income tax, as described in Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), is required to report changes to its bylaws and other governing documents annually to the IRS on the organization’s IRS Form 990.Substantial changes to a tax-exempt organization’s character, purposes, or methods of operation should be reported to the IRS as soon as possible because such changes, if inconsistent with the organization’s tax exemption, could affect the organization’s tax-exempt status.

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This will prevent any confusion when you or a co-worker need to look up the bylaws.