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Updating bsd cvsup

Any attempt to exceed the limit results in a fatal error.

This can pro- vide some protection against temporary configuration mistakes on the server. -h host Specifies the server host to contact, overriding any host specifications in the supfile.

However it should only be used if client's files are never modified locally in any way.

Mirror sites may find this option bene- ficial to reduce the disk load on their systems.

-c coll Dir Specifies the subdirectory of base where the information about the collections is maintained. -d del Limit Specifies the maximum number of files that may be deleted in a single update run.csup takes advantage of the proper- ties of CVS repositories and the files they contain (in particular, RCS files), enabling it to perform updates much faster than traditional systems.csup is a general-purpose network file updating package.Choosing a CVsup mirror that is located near you will save a lot of time.At the very least, download one from the country where you live. After you've done this, press Escape and then Return to leave editor.

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